Our Philosophy

The Mount Louisa Child Care Centre beliefs and practices.

We recognise that it’s God’s plan each child should be blessed with family, values, traditions and culture. We acknowledge that the parents are the principles influence in their child’s life and actively work to collaborate with them to provide meaningful experiences in the program.

We as staff believe, that along with parents and families we have a mutual responsibility to act in the child’s best interest, to promote new knowledge and skills and to scaffold the child’s learning by building on their interest and skills.

We create an environment in our care that allows all children to feel secure and safe as they develop their identity and sense of belonging and well being as confident and involved learners and young people in the community.

We commit ourselves to reflective evaluation of the quality service we provide and to having current knowledge and skills in child care and to ongoing professional development.

We guide each child in their learning as they develop respectful relationships and gather understanding and knowledge of their world through play.

We believe in an equal opportunity and inclusive approach, where respect for diversity is acknowledged by celebrating different cultures and languages and creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all children’s
needs and abilities.

At Mount Louise Child Care Centre we operate within the faith and unity of Mount Louisa Community Church, which as our sponsor provides its services to families and the wider community.